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Innovative Design

for an improved underwater viewing experience


Designed for effortless breathing.

Masterfully designed hidden air vents keep the viewing area dry and cool. Never worry about swallowing  water through a snorkel again. 


Pillow-Soft neoprene dry mask

Seals out water and distracting reflective light. The comfortable neoprene forms a seal around the reefboarder's face creating a highly-ventilated viewing area.


Molded-In grip channels

Grip channels are molded into the bottom of the board.  The ergonomic fit to your hand make carrying light and easy. 


Dual purpose carrying handles

Two rubber handles positioned at the top of the board serve a dual purpose. Use the handles to keep you steady while in the water and to assist with transport.


Unobstructed shoulder channels

Ergonomically designed cutouts allow the arms and shoulders to hang naturally on each side of the board. Perfectly positioned to reduce stress and fatigue on the neck and back.


Integrated beverage holder

Integrated can-sized beverage holder sits on top of the board. The neoprene support keeps your beverage cool and secure.

Panoramic Views with the Crystal Clear HD VuScreen

Keeps water out of your face

Clear panoramic views


The neoprene sealed viewing area keeps water away from obstructing your view and breathing. No need to stop and empty water from a snorkel mask.

Breathe calmly and clearly

The oversized and highly ventilated chamber allows normal breathing through the nose. Anxiously breathing through your mouth and snorkel straw is no longer required to enjoy the views underwater.

Durable material made in the USA

Fog free viewing window

The viewing window stays fog free thanks to the uniquely designed hidden air vents. Never interrupt the viewing experience to clear the fog from a snorkel mask again.

The clear and scratch-resistant window on the bottom of the reefboard provides a stunning view of the underwater world. 

Made from the same durable material used to manufacture kayaks

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